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Leukotriene Modifiers - Asthma

Last Updated January 2024

Leukotriene Modifiers: Used to treat allergy symptoms and to prevent asthma symptoms.

Generic Name

Brand Name


Usual Dosage

Boxed Warning*


10 mg Tablet




5 mg Chewable Tablet



4mg Chewable Tablet



4 mg Oral Granules
[not pictured]

Singulair Package Insert

To prevent and treat asthma
age 2 and above.

To prevent exercise-induced asthma 6 y/o and above at 5 mg and 15 y/o and above at 10 mg

Also for relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis age 6 months of age and older.

Age 2 to 5: One 4 mg tablet once a day.

Patients 12 to 23 months:
One packet of 4-mg oral granules daily.

Age 6 to 14: One 5 mg tablet once a day.

Age 15 and older: One 10 mg tablet once a day.

To prevent exercise-induced asthma take 2 hours before activity.


Accolate 10 or 20 mg Tablets

To prevent and treat asthma ages 5 and above.

Age 5 to 11: One 10 mg tablet twice a day.

Age 12 and older:
One 20 mg tablet twice a day.


Zyflo CR Tablets 600 mg

Zyflo CR PDF

To prevent and treat asthma ages 12 and older.

Age 12 and older: Two 600 mg tablets twice daily within 1 hour of meals.

*Boxed Warning – this label indicates that the product, per the FDA, may have serious safety risks. Please speak with your health care provider or pharmacist to learn more about the potential side effects.

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