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MIPS Individual Reporting Options

Individual clinicians can report via an EHR vendor/Qualified Registry/Qualified Clinical Data Registry or QCDR
MIPS Criteria for Individuals:

Quality - Report up to 6 quality measures (from MIPS measures and/or non-MIPS measures, or from one MIPS specialty-specific measures set), include at least one outcome measure for a minimum of calendar year, and at least 60% of the clinician’s eligible patients.
MIPS Measures for Allergists

Please know that measures availability varies based on the mechanism you choose to report to (e.g. EHR vs. Registry). Registries also offer specialty-specific measures (referred as non-MIPS measures) that will not be available when reporting via an EHR system or a non-qualified registry vendor by CMS. The AAAAI QCDR offers both MIPS and non-MIPS measures (allergy immunology specialty specific measure). Go to to learn more.

Advanced Care information - Fulfill at least the following required 5 from the 15 available objectives/measures for a minimum of 90 days:
1.    Security Risk Analysis
2.    E-Prescribing
3.    Provide patient access
4.    Send summary of care
5.    Request/accept summary of care     
Fulfill up to 9 objective/measures for a minimum of 90 days for additional credit
Clinician must have a certified EHR system, 2014 or 2015 edition, or a combination of the two to meet the objectives. Check if your EHR vendor is certified HERE.

Improvement Activities – Attest for at least 4 improvement activities for a minimum of 90 days (rural practitioners or groups with < 15 providers attest to at least 2 activities). There are over 90 activities to choose from: List of Improved Activities. If you participate in an Advanced APM (Alternative Payment Model), automatically earn full credit. In any other APM, automatically earn half-credit in this category.

Learn more about MIPS Criteria for groups.