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In-training Exam for Fellows Timeline

The exam will be May 2 to May 13, 2022.

Registration Information
The registration period will be April 4 to April 15, 2022.
•    Current Fellows-In-Training
  - Registration for the exam is made by the Program Directors or Program Coordinators only.
  - Exam fee is $50 per fellow-in-training.
  - Programs are invoiced in June.
•    Non Fellows-In-Training
  - The exam is available to individuals required to retake the exam in order to fulfill an ABAI requirement. This refers to individuals who did not accomplish bard certification within the seven year timeframe following the completion of an ACGME accredited fellowship program in Allergy / Immunology.
  - Individuals must contact the AAAAI directly prior before the end of registration period.
  - Exam fee is $345 (AAAAI member) or $445 (non-member).
  - Exam fee is due program to the exam open date.

Exam Guides
•    The Program Directors Exam Guide will be distributed April 1, 2022.
•    The FIT ITE Exam Guide will be distributed April 25, 2022.
•    The Non FIT Exam Guide will be distributed after registered by AAAAI staff.

Final reports will be posted by June 10, 2022.
•    Current Fellows-In-Training
  - AAAAI staff will notify the Program Directors Assembly when reports are available for downloading.
  - Program Directors or Program Coordinators will save and share these reports with their fellows-in-training.
•    Non Fellows-In-Training
  - Report will be emailed by AAAAI staff once available. Individuals are responsible for sharing this information with the ABAI.

Additional Information
The exam is not open to individuals who are not a current Fellows-In-Training in an Allergy / Immunology training fellowship program or required to take the exam per the ABAI’s requirement. The exam is not offered as a practice exam for the Board exam. We recommended you consider taking the Board Review Course which is jointly offered by the AAAAI and ACAAI.

For questions about the In-Training Exam, please contact Mari Duran at (414) 272-6071.