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SA³MPROTM Additional Resources

General Links

•    How Asthma Friendly IS Your School
•    CMS

Spanish Asthma Education Materials

•    CDC: Asthma FAQs in Spanish
•    AAAAI: Information about Asthma in Spanish

Environmental Asthma Resources

•    CDC: Creating an Asthma-Friendly School
•    Wisconsin Asthma Coalition: School Walkthrough Guidebook


•    Information about HIPAA
•    Information about FERPA

School Absenteeism

•    Recommendations for State Education and Health Departments to Address Student Absenteeism

Comprehensive Resources for SA3MPRO™




Managing Asthma and Allergies in DC Schools

228 page downloadable pdf file/Comprehensive manual for all school staff, parents and students

• Comprehensive Asthma Education
• Anaphylaxis
• Emergency Management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis
• Federal legislation and guidance
• Action checklists and tools for each staff member
• Creating an Asthma Friendly School
• Education plans

Michigan Asthma Resource Kit (MARK)

Group of pdf files covering specific aspects of asthma and asthma management

• Concise 1 or 2 page summaries
• Asthma education checklist
• Basic asthma information
• Inhaler, peak flow technique
• Asthma triggers

Managing Asthma in Minnesota Schools

Downloadable 192 pg. manual, or individual sections, PowerPoint presentations, sample forms, handouts and posters

• Individual sections for each school staff members that covers education, checklists, relevant legislation
• PowerPoint presentations on asthma, asthma meds, asthma control
• Many sample forms, letters
• Some material outdated

Managing Asthma: A Guide for Schools

Online education

• Comprehensive program
• Material for all school personnel
• Action items, tools, sample forms
• Key references for recommendations