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Management of non-IgE mediated cow's milk allergy


Can anaphylaxis occur in patients with non-IgE mediated cow milk allergy and if so, what is the frequency? Also, if a food challenge needs to be performed, can it be done safely in an allergists' office or does it need to be performed in a hospital setting?


Non-IgE mediated cow's milk allergy is a broad term encompassing multiple clinical presentations and wide range of severity with differing prognoses. On the severe end of the spectrum is food-protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES). I would recommend the article referenced below by Nowak-Wegrzyn et al. which provides detailed recommendations on diagnosis and management of FPIES. To briefly address your questions, anaphylaxis does not occur with FPIES, although there are a subset of children with FPIES who can have specific IgE to cow's milk. This has been associated with more prolonged disease course. Further, with prolonged avoidance, it is possible for a child such as this to have anaphylaxis on re-exposure. In terms of challenges for FPIES, the document below recommends that children with prior severe reactions should be challenged in a location capable of providing IV-fluid rehydration. Location of challenges of children with histories of mild-moderate FPIES reactions should be made with shared-decision making between the provider and family.

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Hope this is helpful.

Daniel J. Jackson, MD, FAAAAI