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Red beet allergy


I have a patient who insists she is "allergic" to beets. Her symptoms include abdominal pain and itchy rash. She says this is consistent. She does not have pollen allergy. Is there any way to test for beet allergy, blood work or skin testing or oral challenge? Does this even exist?

I assume by beets we are discussing red beets. A quick look at ARUP and Labcorp website suggests that they have sIgE to red beet available. I was not able to find a commercial skin test reagent for red beet. If the sIgE testing is not helpful then one could consider "prick - prick" testing to red beet and if needed an oral challenge. Alternatively, if the patient’s history is convincing for IgE mediated reaction or an intolerance of this food then simply have the patient avoid the food.

I hope this has been helpful.

Andrew Murphy, MD, FAAAAI