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NAB Plant and Pollen Photo Gallery

Many spring allergies are caused by pollinating spring plants. The following are examples of a few of those plants and pollens (click on any image to view at full size):

 Timothy Grass Flower Red Maple
 Oak Pollen  Orchard Grass Plant
 Elm Pollen Elm Pollen
 Russian Thistle  Russian Thistle Pollen
 Timothy Grass Pollen  Yello Dock Plant
 Yellow Dock Pollen  Sugar Maple Tree
 Maple Pollen  Lambs Quarter Plant
 Lambs Quarter Pollen  Oak Tree
 June Grass Plant  June Grass Pollen
 English Plantain Bloom  English Plantain Pollen
 Orchard Grass Pollen  Water Hickory Tree
 Hickory Pollen Tag Elder Trees
 Cocklebur Plant  Willow Pollen
 Sycamore Pollen  Red Bulberry Pollen
 Cedar Pollen  Giant Ragweed Plant
 Black Walnut Pollen