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Leadership Institute

AAAAI Leadership InstituteThe AAAAI Leadership Institute supports the growth, development, and success of AAAAI members and offers opportunities to advance their leadership skills by participating in courses and mentored activities through the AAAAI.  

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Denise A. DiPrimio-Kalman, DO, FAAAAI    
Chair, Leadership Institute

Rebecca Scherzer, MD, FAAAAI
Vice Chair, Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute encompasses two programs (see below):
•    The Leadership Course
•    The Mentorship Program    

Leadership Course

The Leadership Institute Course incorporates instruction in key leadership skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution and goal setting within a one-day course offered each year at the AAAAI Annual Meeting and supplemented by faculty-led online webinars throughout the year. AAAAI members who have completed postdoctoral and fellowship trainings are encouraged to apply.

The Leadership Institute Course always takes place on the Friday of the AAAAI Annual Meeting from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Past Leadership Course Agendas
2024 Course Agenda
2023 Course Agenda
2022 Course Agenda

Paneez Khoury, MD, MHSc, FAAAAI    
Co-Course Director         

Allison Ramsey, MD, FAAAAI
Co-Course Director         

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program recruits a cohort of past Leadership Course participants and pairs the mentee with an AAAAI faculty mentor to develop and complete a project aligned with the strategic initiative of the AAAAI. (AAAAI Strategic Plan) Mentees are often connected with an existing AAAAI committee to complete their project. Existing committees and interest sections information can be found here.

The 2024 Mentorship Program application portal will be open from September 6 to November 17. Eligible applicants who have completed the Leadership Institute Course or can attend the 2024 Leadership Institute Course in Washington, DC are encouraged to apply.

Mentorship Program projects have included workgroup reports, development of educational curriculum, online resources, podcasts, website updates, and outreach programs to improve physician wellness and diversity within the field of allergy / immunology.

Past Projects
•    Update the oral immunotherapy (OIT) AAAAI CME course: This project reviewed, revised, and updated the AAAAI’s CME offering on oral immunotherapy with a focus on peanut oral immunotherapy.
•    Oral Food Challenge E-learning Video: This project was the creation of a virtual educational module with practical instruction for performing oral food challenges
•    Development of a work group report for screening and management of secondary hypogammaglobulinemia: The project was to develop a work group report that would provide guidance for screening and management of secondary hypogammaglobulinemia.
•    How to Use the Gadgets and Gizmos Prescribed in the Field of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology: The goal was to create a resource for providers when they prescribe inhalers, auto-injectable epinephrine, and intranasal sprays to ensure that they are using the correct technique when educating patients.
•    A streamlined approach to iodinated contrast allergy labels for use in interventional pain procedures: This project developed and validated an algorithm for skin-test-based management of interventional pain patients with a history of immediate reactions to iodinated contrast media to optimize the use of iodinated contrast for those patients.
•    The Use of Simulation for Anaphylaxis Education: The project was to create both a live session and an online module using simulation to provide anaphylaxis education
•    Interactive facilitation and passive dissemination of communication skills through various formats: The goal was to start a longitudinal curriculum in multiple formats to disseminate effective communication skills to give physicians, NP’s, PAs and allied health members tools to help them become more effective and efficient in their clinics. This included a webinar on communication skills focused on the beginning of a medical encounter and how to quickly form a therapeutic relationship with a patient.
•    AAAAI Podcast CME Episodes: The goal of this project was to increase the production and distribution of CME episodes for the AAAAI podcast series, “Conversations From the World of Allergy”.
•    Create an improved access to search capability of the information in Ask the Expert (ATE): The project reviewed the then current status of search capability of the AAAAI Ask the Expert website and explored ways to make it more accessible.
•    Restart a statewide Allergy and Immunology society: The goal of this project was to restart a state Allergy and Immunology society that included a yearly educational conference.

Anil Nanda, MD, FAAAAI
Mentorship Program Director                  

Sindhura Bandi, MD, FAAAAI
Senior Mentorship Program Workgroup Leader

Justin Greiwe, MD, FAAAAI 
Mentorship Program Workgroup Leader           

Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD, FAAAAI
Mentorship Program Workgroup Leader

Leadership Institute News

Leadership Institute Featured in IMPACT
Winter 2021
Fall 2020

Leadership Institute Featured in Conversations from the World of Allergy Podcast
Episode 49: Getting Involved Within the AAAAI
Episode 48: Developing Future Leaders in Allergy / Immunology


When do applications open for the Leadership Institute Course?
•    October

When do applications open for the Leadership Institute Mentorship Program?
•    September

Can I apply for the Mentorship Program if I haven’t attended the Leadership Institute Course?
•    Yes, but you must commit to attending the Course that takes place the following year. For example, if you apply for the Mentorship Program when applications open in September 2023, you must attend the Course that takes place in February 2024.  

How long would I have to complete my project in the Mentorship Program?
•    Projects should be completed within one year. There are exceptions, however. It is up to the Mentee to make their Mentor and Workgroup Leader aware if they’ll need additional time to complete their project.

What are the expectations of mentees in the Mentorship Program?
•    Develop an initial idea proposal, deliverables, and timeline to present to the Mentor. The initial idea will evolve after discussions with the Mentor and Workgroup Leader and therefore will require willingness and flexibility by the Mentee to adjust the project.
•    Adjust the proposed project incorporating feedback from Mentor and Workgroup Leader.
•    Submit Program Updates/Milestone achievements according to the Mentorship Program Timeline: Summer (June), Fall (October), Winter (January).
•    Initiate a minimum of Quarterly Communication: Mentee arranges calls with Mentor  
•    Participate in Collaborative Calls with Workgroup: typically two during the duration of the program
•    Submit completed project/deliverable/Final Progress Report (January)

If you are interested in the Leadership Institute, email