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Practice Start Up

Finding your first (or second, or third) job can be challenging. Use the resources on this page to navigate the process effectively and find the best fit for you (and your family).

The Job Search
As you explore options, make sure you have a clear vision of your priorities:
•    Family/personal values – Do you want to be near family/friends? Will your spouse/partner be able to find a job? What type of lifestyle do you want/need?
•    Type of practice – it used to be academics or private practice, but there are more options now. Telehealth, research, public policy, consulting, or a combination of roles is possible.
•    Do your research – visit practice websites to get a sense of their mission, culture and staff
•    Be flexible – consider your second or third location choices and be patient.

Tips for FITs looking for their first position post-fellowship:
•    Start looking early (spring/summer during your first year of fellowship) and be proactive by reaching out to practices in your target areas. The recruiting process can take months.
•    Have a CV/resume ready
•    Once you’ve made the connection, keep in touch with the practice and continue to show interest
Starting in Practice: Choosing the Correct Career Path (PMW presentation) Practice Start Up
•    Career Development 101 (PMW presentation) Practice Start Up

Contract Negotiation
Anyone can be a successful negotiator – it just takes preparation, clear understanding of your “must haves” and a willingness to compromise to get to a win-win situation.
•    Identify your “must haves” – what are you not willing to compromise on?
•    Identify your “nice to haves” – where can you compromise to get to a win-win?
•    Get advice from trusted others, but remain clear about your purpose (avoid confirmation bias)
•    Research – what is possible and appropriate, what are the relevant standards/comparisons

Listen to this recording on “The Ins and Outs of Contract Negotiation” from the 2022 Practice Management Workshop for a great overview of the process and keys to success.

Use the FIT exit survey data to get a sense of current market trends in starting salaries and benefits.

2022 FIT Exit Survey Results Practice Start Up

2021 FIT Exit Survey Results Practice Start Up

2020 FIT Exit Survey Results Practice Start Up

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2017 FIT Exit Survey Results Practice Start Up

Starting a Solo Practice
The Practice Management Resource Guide was designed to be a handbook for setting up a practice.

AAAAI Practice Management Resource Guide

The slides from this 2020 webinar provide a road map of the steps needed prior to opening a practice.

Credentialing and Other Requirements – Starting in Practice Practice Start Up

The AMA Steps Forward Private Practice Playbook includes best practices and sample forms.

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