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AAAAI Open Access Journal

Editor-in-Chief Job Description

The AAAAI is seeking applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of a Gold Open Access Journal to compliment The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) and The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice (JACI: In Practice). Although the JACI: Gold (working title) will not solicit manuscripts until September 2021, with the first issue publishing online in February 2022, the Editor-in-Chief is expected to begin work in June 2021.

The ideal candidate will have an academic affiliation and national and/or international stature in the field of allergy and immunology, be a Fellow (FAAAAI) in the AAAAI, and have experience in journal workings with a vision for promotion and growth of this new journal.

JACI: Gold Background Information

The specialty of allergy and immunology is growing in the United States and around the world. This scientific growth is fueled largely by an increase in clinical and translational research.

The preeminence of the JACI (impact factor 10.228) and JACI: In Practice (impact factor 7.574) as the international forums for publication of translational research in allergy and immunology and clinical practice has also led to an increase in the number of original articles submitted. This competition for publication has resulted in a non-acceptance rate of more than 82% for JACI and 69% for JACI: In Practice in 2019. These factors combined have created both a niche and a need for a new journal.

JACI: Gold will focus on the clinical application of the rigorous science in allergy and immunology, accommodating the majority of AAAAI members who are primarily in clinical practice.

Specific Eligibility Criteria for the Editor-in-Chief

•    Service of at least one term as an Editorial Board member of JACI and/or JACI: In Practice or a comparable journal.

•    Willingness and ability to serve a 5-year term; availability to focus on Journal responsibilities up to approximately a 25% effort. The Editor-in-Chief stipend will be $50,000 annually.

•    Recognition as a thought leader, clinical/translational researcher, clinician and noted educator in his/her field of study; possessing a broad knowledge of the body of literature and clinical practice relevant to allergy and immunology; evidence of strong commitment to bridging the interests of clinical, research, business and media perspectives.

•    Demonstrated executive ability in administrative and financial matters; capable of balancing multiple projects in a self-directed, timely manner and competently managing the Journal’s editorial staff and the Journal budget.

•    Current active membership as a Fellow (FAAAAI) of the AAAAI, with a reputation for leadership, vision, collaboration and effective networking.

•    Skill to serve as liaison to the AAAAI, AAAAI members, and the international community of allergist/immunologists; ability to promote JACI: Gold and the AAAAI as a speaker at meetings, and to be effective in maintaining the critical link between clinical practice and research.

•    Demonstrated expertise as an author in professional, scientific and peer-reviewed publications.

•    Established record of providing high quality reviews of JACI and/or JACI: In Practice articles with rapid turn-around (for those having served on the JACI and/or JACI: In Practice editorial board)

•    Meet the AAAAI standards for Conflict of Interest (COI) for a leader, including the CMSS Code for Interactions with Industry.

Scope of Responsibilities for the Editor-in-Chief

Assume responsibility for the professionalism and quality of JACI: Gold’s content, continually raising JACI: Gold’s visibility, successfully applying for a citation impact factor, facilitating innovations for the Journal, and containing publication costs.

Lead the JACI: Gold Editors and JACI: Gold Editorial Board in supporting the mission and goals of JACI: Gold and in determining focus of content and evolution of policy; assess the need for additional Associate Editors, develop job descriptions, and lead the search and recruitment of such individuals.

Monitor Editorial Office operations closely, actively working with the Managing Editor to maintain:
•    prompt turn-around of manuscript decisions and publications;
•    timely response to communications and business matters;
•    proactive compliance with publisher deadlines;
•    efficient data management and effective problem management; and
•    create appealing JACI: Gold features and design.

Collaborate with the Editors-in-Chief of JACI and JACI: In Practice to assure cooperative reviews and publication of submissions to the three journals, and the successful implementation of the AAAAI’s educational and publication goals, while simultaneously developing a unique profile for JACI: Gold.

Screen and assign incoming submissions; manage subordinate editors’ workloads; select line-up for monthly issues; guide article acceptance rate to manage publication quality and size.

Serve as expert reviewer in area of personal expertise and as a deciding judge for contested decisions or manuscripts with divergent reviewer recommendations.

Oversee preparation of Editorial Office’s quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and be responsive to requests from the Board of Directors.

Conduct regular Editors’ meetings to discuss matters of policy, content and innovation; update Editorial Board members with regular communications and seek Editorial Board input on content, innovation and policy matters.

Serve as chairperson of the annual JACI: Gold Editorial Board meeting; take responsibility for gathering qualified Editorial Board candidates for the Board to be presented for the Editorial Board’s review and selection by ballot.

Develop a collaborative and creative relationship with the publisher; work to advance services to readers and authors and provide innovations that can expand circulation and build supplemental revenue streams.

Collaborate with JACI: Gold’s Managing Editor and the AAAAI communications staff in development and ongoing management of marketing communications activities.

Solicit review articles, supplements and advertisements as appropriate.

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