Two AAAAI Journals, Two Reasons to Celebrate

Dear Colleagues,

I have the privilege of sharing some very exciting news about the AAAAI's journals. Thomson Reuters announced the 2015 impact factors and The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) has risen to an outstanding 12.485, while The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice (JACI: In Practice) has surpassed expectations with an impressive first impact factor of 5.429. These impact factors demonstrate the high quality research that is published in our journals.

What is an impact factor?
An impact factor is a performance benchmark among scholarly publications that measures how often its contents are cited over a particular period. More specifically, each AAAAI journal's respective 2015 impact factor counts the number of citations in 2015 of articles that were published in 2013 and 2014.

The following statistics about our journals' new impact factors speak for themselves:
  •     JACI remains the number one journal—out of 25—in the Thomson Reuters "Allergy" category for scholarly journals.
  •     In the "Immunology" category, which has 150 journals, JACI rose to number five.
  •     JACI had 41,392 total citations during 2015, up from 38,706 citations the previous year.
  •     With its inaugural impact factor of 5.429, JACI: In Practice is now ranked number five out of the 25 journals in the "Allergy" category.
  •     JACI: In Practice is also ranked number 27 out of the 150 journals in the "Immunology" category.
  •     JACI: In Practice had 1,062 total citations during 2015.

Each journal has something unique to be proud of: JACI's 2015 impact factor of 12.485 represents an increase of almost 9% from last year's 11.476, while receiving a 5.429 is a truly outstanding accomplishment for JACI: In Practice to achieve right out of the gate.

Congratulations to the entire JACI and JACI: In Practice teams, including former JACI Editor-in-Chief Donald Y. M. Leung, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, current JACI Co-Editors-in-Chief Cezmi A. Akdis, MD, FAAAAI, and Zuhair K. Ballas, MD, FAAAAI, JACI Deputy Editor Stanley J. Szefler, MD, FAAAAI, all of the JACI Associate Editors, JACI: In Practice Editor-in-Chief Michael Schatz, MD, MS, FAAAAI, JACI: In Practice Deputy Editor Robert S. Zeiger, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, and JACI: In Practice Associate Editor Scott H. Sicherer, MD, FAAAAI.

I would especially like to recognize and thank Donald, whose tireless efforts as JACI Editor-in-Chief were completed at the end of 2015. The increase in JACI's impact factor would not be possible without Donald's extraordinary work that continued until the day he turned over the reins to Cezmi and Zuhair.

Join me in celebrating the success of the AAAAI's two journals, which are invaluable to our organization and our specialty.

Thomas A. Fleisher, MD, FAAAAI
AAAAI President
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