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Asthma Myths, Debunked

MYTH: People with asthma shouldn’t exercise.
FACT: Exercise is beneficial for your lungs. Medication may be necessary.

MYTH: Inhaled steroids are addictive.
FACT: Asthma requires long term treatment. Inhaled steroids are safe and non-habit forming.

MYTH: Nebulizers are better than inhalers.
FACT: Inhalers are easier to use and as effective when used properly.

MYTH: People with asthma should get rid of their pets.
FACT: There are ways to reduce symptoms and keep pets at home.

MYTH: I don’t need to use a spacer with my inhalers.
FACT: Inhalers should always be used with a spacer, or most of the medicine does not get to the lungs.

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May 2023