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Food Allergy Myths, Debunked

Food Allergy
MYTH: Food allergy reactions get more severe each time they occur.
TRUTH: Not really. There are many cofactors that can worsen severity such as exercise, amount ingested, or acute illness.

MYTH: Allergy tests tell you how severe your allergy can be.
TRUTH: Allergy tests are only a guide to determine likelihood of allergy being present, not the severity.

MYTH: Babies shouldn’t eat common food allergens.
TRUTH: Guidelines recommend feeding allergenic foods to babies starting around 4-6 months as a way to prevent food allergy development.

MYTH: Epinephrine is dangerous and should only be used if someone’s airway is closing.
TRUTH: Epinephrine works fast, is safe, and can treat all symptoms of a food allergy reaction. Waiting too long can worsen the severity.

MYTH: Everyone should have food allergy panel testing done to find out what they’re allergic to.
TRUTH: Panel testing causes misdiagnosis, false positive results, and unnecessary avoidance.

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May 2023