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Past Grants & Awards Winners

Distinguished Service Award

It appears appropriate and desirable that the AAAAI occasionally should cite selected members with Distinguished Service Awards.

These awards would be made for long and distinguished service to the AAAAI rather than primarily for scientific achievement. In selecting recipients for Distinguished Service Awards, special consideration will be given to senior members of the AAAAI, particularly those about to retire. Past Presidents are eligible for this award.
The number of Distinguished Service Awards should be very limited, perhaps to one or less per year.

Past Awardees
2022 - Marshall Paul Grodofsky, MD
2019 - Stanley J. Szefler, MD, FAAAAI
2018 - Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Kimberly A. Risma, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2016 - Thomas B. Casale, MD, FAAAAI
2016 - George R. Green, MD, FAAAAI
2015 - Not Presented
2014 - Sheldon L. Spector, MD, FAAAAI
2013 - Thomas Fleisher, MD, FAAAAI
2012 - Donald Y. M. Leung, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2011 - Arnold I. Levinson, MD, FAAAAI
2010 - Michael Schatz, MD, MS, FAAAAI
2009 - F. Estelle R. Simons, MD, FAAAAI
2008 - Gail G. Shapiro, MD, FAAAAI (posthumous)
2007 - Richard A. Nicklas, MD, FAAAAI
2006 - Paul A Greenberger, MD, FAAAAI
2005 - Harold S Nelson, MD, FAAAAI
2004 - Stephen Wasserman, MD, FAAAAI
2003 - Clifton Furukawa, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Gary S Rachelefsky, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - William T. Shearer, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2000 - Burton Zweiman, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - Richard F. Lockey, MD, FAAAAI
1998 - John Anderson, MD
1998 - Harriet A. Burge, PhD
1997 - Donald Aaronson, MD
1996 - Rebecca H. Buckley, MD, FAAAAI
1996 - Samuel M. Feinberg, MD
1995 - Raymond G. Slavin, MD, FAAAAI
1994 - Jordan N. Fink, MD, FAAAAI
1993 - Albert L. Sheffer, MD, FAAAAI
1992 - Robert E. Reisman, MD, FAAAAI
1991 - Elliott Middleton, MD
1990 - Charles E. Reed, MD, FAAAAI
1989 - Murray Dworetzky, MD
1988 - William A. Solomon, MD
1987 - Macy I. Levine, MD
1986 - Thomas E. Van Metre, Jr. MD
1985 - Philip S. Norman, MD
1984 - John E. Salvaggio, MD
1983 - Sheldon C. Siegel, MD, FAAAAI
1982 - Roy Patterson, MD
1981 - Alec Sehon, PhD DSc
1980 - Leoni N. Claman, MD
1979 - Sidney Friedlaender, MD
1978 - Carl E. Arbesman, MD
1977 - Francis C. Lowell, MD
1976 - Kenneth P. Mathews, MD
1975 - Stanley F. Hampton, MD
1974 - Paul M. Seebohm, MD
1972 - Murray M. Albert, MD
1972 - Katherine Bowman
1972 - Monroe Coleman, MD
1972 - Harold Friedman, MD
1972 - Eloise Kailin, MD
1972 - Bernard Siegel, MD
1972 - David Stein, MD
1972 - Eugene Walzer, MD
1971 - Sheldon G. Cohen, MD
1970 - George I. Blumstein, MD
1969 - Merrill W. Chase, PhD
1968 - George Piness, MD
1968 - Matthew Walzer, MD
1967 - Dan H. Campbell, PhD
1965 - William B. Sherman, MD
1964 - Howard Osgood, MD
1963 - Mr. Oren C. Durham

Distinguished Layperson Award


  1. The recipient should be a non-medical person who has made a substantial contribution in service or substance to education, research, or to the practice.

  2. Employees of physicians' or health institutions shall not be eligible for the award unless their contribution has been made outside of their duties of employment.

  3. The contribution need not be directly related to programs sponsored by the AAAAI.

  4. Ordinarily, to be eligible, a candidate for the award should still be living at the time the award is made.

  5. At least one member of the AAAAI should have first-hand knowledge of the candidate's contribution.

Past Awardees
2023 - Mary Jo Strobel
2022 - Lawrence J. Vapniarek Jr., MBA
2020 - Fallon Schultz, MSW LCSW CAM
2019 - Ellyn Kodroff
2018 - Not presented
2017 - Not presented
2016 - Not presented
2015 - Fred and Vicki Modell (Modell Fdn)
2014 - Not Presented
2013 - State Senator Cynthia Stone Creem
2013 - Ming Tsai
2012 - Mr. and Mrs. David (Denise) Bunning
2011 - Not presented
2010 - Kay Whalen, MBA, CAE (EDI)
2009 - US Hereditary Angioedema Association
2008 - Terence Furlong (FAAN)
2007 - Nancy T. Hopper (JACI)
2007 - Ernestine T. Smartt (NHLBI)
2006 - Francene J. Lifson (LA, AAFA)
2005 - Elliott and Roslyn Jaffe (Jaffe Foundation)
2004 - Virginia Taggart (NHLBI)
2003 - Marcia Boyle (IDF)
2002 - Greg Lund (Aventis)
2001 - Rick Iber (EDI)
2000 - Anne Munoz-Furlong (FAAN)
1999 - Associates to the AAAAI
1998 - Doris Stoll RN, PhD (ACGME)
1997 - Lynn des Prez (ABAI)
1996 - Richard Dempster (AAFA)
1995 - Mary Worstell (AAFA)
1994 - Cedric Grigg (Fisons Corporation)
1993 - George Behrakis (CEO, Muro Pharmaceutical, Inc.)
1992 - Nancy Sanders (Mothers of Asthmatics)
1991 - David Branson (AAFA)
1990 - Senator Lowell Weicker
1989 - Charles M. Clark (Schering)
1988 - John Wynne (AAFA)
1987 - Donald L. McNeil (EDI)
1983 - Robert W. Parsons, Jr., PhD (AAFA)
1980 - Congressman George M. O'Brien
1979 - Barbara Layman

Distinguished Scientist Award

This award will be presented to recognize scientific contributions to the field of allergy / immunology that have advanced allergy / immunology research and the specialty and for leadership contributions to the specialty.

Past Awardees
2023 - Marc E. Rothenberg, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2022 - James E. Gern, MD, FAAAAI
2020 - Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI
2019 - Jordan S. Orange MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2018 - Philip W. Askenase, MD, FAAAAI
2018 - Donald Y. M. Leung, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2017 - Luigi D. Notarangelo, MD
2016 - Gideon Lack, MD
2015 - Lawrence B. Schwartz, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2014 - Hugh A. Sampson, MD, FAAAAI
2013 - Dean D. Metcalfe, MD, FAAAAI
2012 - Robert R. Rich, MD, FAAAAI

Honorary Fellow Award (no longer presented)

2011 - Raif S. Geha, MD, FAAAAI
2010 - Paul M. O'Byrne, MD, FAAAAI
2009 - Erwin W. Gelfand, MD, FAAAAI
2008 - Jean-Pierre Kinet, MD
2007 - Tse Wen Chang, PhD
2006 - Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD
2005 - Allen P. Kaplan, MD, FAAAAI
2004 - A. Barry Kay, MD, FAAAAI
2003 - Claude Lenfant, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Frederick E. Hargreave, MD
2001 - Stephen T. Holgate, MD, DSc, FAAAAI
2000 - John E. Salvaggio, MD, FAAAAI (posthumous)
1999 - Rebecca Buckley, MD
1998 - S.G.O. Johansson, MD
1997 - Roy Patterson, MD
1996 - Michael Frank, MD
1995 - Anthony S. Fauci, MD
1994 - William Paul, MD
1993 - Henry Metzger, MD
1992 - Gerald J. Gleich, MD
1991 - Henry N. Claman, MD
1990 - Hugh McDevitt, MD
1990 - Baruj Benacerraf, MD
1989 - K. Frank Austen, MD
1988 - David W. Talmage, MD
1987 - Lawrence M. Lichtenstein, MD, PhD
1986 - Thomas Waldmann, MD
1985 - Richard M. Krause, MD
1984 - Alain deWeck, MD
1983 - Charles W. Parker, MD
1982 - Elmer Becker, MD
1981 - Jack Pepys, MD
1980 - Herman N. Eisen, MD
1979 - Ray D. Owen, PhD, DSc
1978 - Michael Heidelberger, PhD
1977 - Henry G. Kunkel, MD
1976 - Kimishige Ishizaka, MD
1976 - Teruko Ishizaka, MD
1975 - Frank J. Dixon, MD
1974 - Sir MacFarlane Burnet, K.B.E.
1973 - Robert A. Good, MD
1970 - H. Sherwood Lawrence, MD
1969 - Daniel Bovet, DSc
1968 - Oscar Swineford, Jr., MD
1968 - Zoltan Ovary, MD
1967 - Dan H. Campbell, PhD
1967 - Elvin A. Kabat, PhD
1966 - Theodore L. Squier, MD
1962 - Mohammed Ali Maleki, MD
1961 - Keizo Nakamura, MD
1955 - Francis M. Rackemann, MD
1954 - Mauricio Rocha e Silva, MD
1953 - Werner Jadassohn, MD
1953 - Paul Bordet, MD
1953 - Robert J. S. McDowall, MD
1952 - Merrill W. Chase, PhD
1952 -Charles W. Loeffler, MD
1952 -Bernard N. Halpern, MD
1951 - Cesare Frugoni, MD, Leslie N. Gay, MD
1947 - Alfred Gilman, MD

Distinguished Clinician Award

The following criteria were agreed on for this award:

  1. This award should be made to a person or persons whose clinically relevant activities have made a significant constructive impact on the field of allergy and clinical immunology. The norm in recent years has been to select two individuals to honor each year.

  2. The awardee(s) should have a primary commitment to patient care of clinical investigation focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of asthma and allergic disease.

  3. The individual(s) should have a record of substantial clinical research as evidenced by papers published in referenced journals (such as JACI); evidence of scholarship by presentations on the programs of national or international meetings, published books, editorship of supplements to referenced journals or equivalent activity.

  4. Especially desirable, but not mandatory, the individual should show dedicated service to the field of allergy and clinical immunology, e.g. service to the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, a voluntary foundation or government agency, or public education, outreach, or community activities in the field of allergy and immunology.

Alternatively, he/she could have worked actively in the AAAAI or similar professional society, serving on major committees, participating in workshops, and/or serving as an officer in the AAAAI.

Past Awardees
2023 - Arthur F. Gelb, MD, FAAAAI
2023 - Robert A. Wood, MD, FAAAAI
2022 - Sandra C. Christiansen, MD, FAAAAI and Dennis R. Ownby, MD, FAAAAI
2020 - Helen A. Brough, MD PhD FAAAAI and Jacqueline A. Pongracic, MD FAAAAI
2019 - Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD, FAAAAI and David I. Bernstein, MD, FAAAAI
2018 - Mariana C. Castells, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2018 - Vincent R. Bonagura, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Bruce L. Zuraw, MD
2016 - Paul A. Greenberger, MD, FAAAAI
2015 - Dennis K. Ledford, MD, FAAAAI
2015 - Michael Schatz, MD, FAAAAI
2014 - Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2013 - Mark Boguniewicz, MD, FAAAAI
2012 - F. Estelle R. Simons, MD, FAAAAI
2011 - Andrea J. Apter, MD, MS,c FAAAAI
2010 - N. Franklin Adkinson, Jr., MD, FAAAAI
2009 - Phillip E. Korenblat, MD, FAAAAI
2009 - Stanley J. Szefler, MD, FAAAAI
2008 - Richard F. Lockey, MD, FAAAAI
2007 - William Franklin, MD, FAAAAI
2006 - Richard Evans III, MD, MPH, FAAAAI
2006 - Michael A Kaliner, MD, FAAAAI
2005 - Raymond G Slavin, MD MS FAAAAI
2004 - John Condemi, MD, FAAAAI
2004 - Albert L. Sheffer, MD, FAAAAI
2003 - Robert E. Reisman, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Phillip L. Lieberman, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Eli O. Meltzer, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - John W. Yunginger, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - Robert S. Zeiger, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2000 - Louis Mendelson, MD, FAAAAI
2000 - Donald D. Stevenson, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - David S. Pearlman, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - Howard J. Schwartz, MD
1998 - Hal Richerson, MD
1998 - Robert Townley, MD, FAAAAI
1997 - Jerry Dolovich, MD
1997 - Charles E. Reed, MD, FAAAAI
1996 - C. Warren Bierman, MD
1996 - Harold S Nelson, MD, FAAAAI
1995 - Abba I Terr, MD
1994 - Lloyd Crawford, MD (posthumously)
1993 - Elliot Ellis, MD, FAAAAI
1993 - John Toogood, MD
1992 - Paul M. Seebohm, MD, FAAAAI
1992 - Sheldon C. Siegel, MD, FAAAAI
1991 - Sam Bukantz, MD
1991 - Max Samter, MD
1990 - George I. Blumstein, MD (posthumously)
1990 - Susan C. Dees, MD
1990 - Bram Rose, MD
1990 - Roland Scott, MD

Practice Champion of the Year Award

Presented in recognition of your community service, care for patients with respect to housing, nutrition, employment, and safety. As well as your initiatives to educate and facilitate allergy treatment for patients in the community.

Past Awardees
2023 - John Kuryan, MD
2022 - Juanita Mora, MD
2021 - Jonathan L. Bayuk, DO, FAAAAI

RSLAAIS Leadership Award

This award recognizes an outstanding leader in a state, regional or local allergy, asthma, immunology society that is part of the Federation of Regional, State & Local Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Societies (RSLAAIS). This award was created to honor active leadership in a member society of the RSLAAIS, long-term community involvement, and clinical teaching at the local level. Additionally, contributions to the mission of the AAAAI as a speaker, volunteer or leader will also be considered as supplementary factors. Award candidates will have a demonstrated involvement in the local society directed toward building and strengthening that society and in the contribution of that society toward the local medical and patient communities, the specialty of allergy/immunology, and the American AAAAI of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). The award is limited to one recipient a year.

Award nominations will include a letter of nomination from the local society leadership, two letters of reference from society members, and the award candidate's CV to be submitted to the RSLAAIS Board of Governors. The Governors will review the nominations and determine the award candidates. The final roster of candidates will be presented to the Annual Meeting Awards Committee who will select the award candidate. The Awards Committee will present the candidate nomination to the AAAAI Board of Directors at their June meeting for their final approval.

2023 - Paul V. Williams, MD, FAAAAI
2022 - Denise A. DiPrimio-Kalman, DO, FAAAAI
2020 - Jeffrey G. Demain, MD, FAAAAI
2019 - Giselle Mosnaim, MD, MS, FAAAAI
2018 - Andrew W. Murphy, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Robert N. Corriel, MD, FAAAAI
2016 - Sharon B. Markovics, MD, FAAAAI
2015 - Marshall Paul Grodofsky, MD, FAAAAI
2014 - Michael H. Clayton, MD, FAAAAI
2013 - James M. Tracy, DO, FAAAAI
2012 - Richard W. Honsinger, MD, MACP, FAAAAI
2011 - Daniel G. Steinberg, MD, FAAAAI
2010 - Louis Mendelson, MD, FAAAAI
2009 - Donald C. Fournier, MD, FAAAAI (presented posthumously)

Special Recognition Award

The AAAAI Special Recognition Award is for recognizing individuals who have made a specific contribution that has benefited the allergy and immunology community. This award may be issued annually.

Past Awardees
2023 - Yehia M. El-Gamal, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
2022 - Pudupakkam K. Vedanthan, MD, FAAAAI
2020 - Richard A. Nicklas, MD, FAAAAI and Stephen I. Wasserman, MD, FAAAAI
2019 - Joseph D. Diaz, MD
2018 - Marshall Plaut, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Mary Beth Fasano, MD, FAAAAI
2016 - Not presented
2015 - Not presented
2014 - Robert G. Hamilton, PhD, FAAAAI
2013 - Thanai Pongdee, MD, FAAAAI
2012 - Joshua A. Boyce, MD, FAAAAI
2011 - Jean Bousquet, MD
2010 - John W. Yunginger, MD, FAAAAI
2009 - E. Richard Stiehm, MD, FAAAAI
2008 - Harold S. Nelson, MD, FAAAAI (JACI)
2007 - Mark Ballow, MD, FAAAAI
2007 - William W. Busse, MD, FAAAAI
2006 - Richard deShazo, MD, FAAAAI
2005 - Burton Zweiman, MD, FAAAAI
2004 - Thomas Fischer, MD, FAAAAI (MKSAP)
2004 - Rebecca S. Gruchalla, MD, PhD, FAAAAI (MKSAP)
2004 - James Li, MD, FAAAAI (Primer)
2004 - William T Shearer, MD, PhD, FAAAAI  (Primer)
2003 - Not presented
2002 - Sheldon G. Cohen, MD
2002 - Murray Dworetzky, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Jordan N. Fink, MD FAAAAI
2002 - Charles E. Reed, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Sheldon C. Siegel, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - Scott Carroll, MD
2001 - William J. Davis, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - Linda B. Ford, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - Paul A. Greenberger, MD, FAAAAI
2001 - Michael J. Welch, MD, FAAAAI
2000 - Vincent Beltrani, MD
1999 - James Baker, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - John Condemi, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - Mark Dykewicz, MD, FAAAAI
1998 - Claude Lenfant, MD
1997 - David Marsh, PhD (posthumous)
1996 - Suzanne Hurd, PhD
1993 - Richard deShazo, MD (Primer Editor)
1993 - Jordan N. Fink, MD, FAAAAI (MKSAP Co-Editor)
1993 - Richard F. Lockey, MD, FAAAAI (MKSAP Co-Editor)
1993 - George Lundberg, MD (JAMA Editor)
1993 - Burton Zweiman, MD (JACI Editor)
1990 - Dorothy Sogn, MD
1989 - Sheldon G. Cohen, MD
1989 - Irving Tabachnik, MD (Schering Corporation)
1986 - Leo Criep, MD
1986 - Dorland Davis, MD

Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award

The award candidate is nominated by an A/I Program Director.
Voluntary faculty defined as being primarily in private practice without university remuneration for participation in the allergy/immunology program. A clinical faculty appointment is desirable. Demonstration of outstanding contributions to the education of fellows in allergy / immunology for a minimum of five years. Submission should include a nomination letter from the program director and the nominee's curriculum vitae, as well as two letters of recommendation from other faculty members and two letters of recommendation from former fellows. Emphasis should be on quality of contribution, durations of participation, documentation of excellence, innovation in teaching or curriculum planning or program administration, and participation in any clinical research or data collection/assessment contributing to the education of trainees. Award is limited to one recipient a year. Multiple recipients will be accepted under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the review committee.

Past Awardees
2020 - Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA, FAAAAI
2019 - Dr. Stanley P. Galant, MD, FAAAAI
2018 - William R. Lumry, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Weily Soong, MD, FAAAAI
2016 - Roger H. Kobayashi, MD, FAAAAI
2015 - Vincent Beltrani, MD
2014 - Frank S. Virant, MD, FAAAAI
2013 - Theodore Freeman, MD, FAAAAI
2012 - Robert M. Biondi, MD, FAAAAI
2011 - John J. Condemi, MD, FAAAAI
2010 - Monroe King, DO, FAAAAI
2009 - Bernard L. Gold, MD, FAAAAI
2008 - Sandra C. Christiansen, MD, FAAAAI
2007 - Mary Jelks, MD, FAAAAI
2006 - Gary S Rachelefsky, MD, FAAAAI
2005 - Arnold Kirshenbaum, MD, FAAAAI
2004 - Gary Gross, MD, FAAAAI
2003 - Robert H Schwartz, MD, FAAAAI
2002 - Frank J. Twarog, MD PhD, FAAAAI
2001 - Lawrence C. Sweet, MD, FAAAAI
2000 - Stephen M. Murphey, MD, FAAAAI
1999 - Bernard Etra, MD
1998 - Robert Moore, MD
1998 - A. H. Redmon, Jr., MD
1997 - Allan S. Bock, MD
1996 - Macy I. Levine, MD
1996 - Jack Mazow, MD
1995 - Phillip E. Korenblat, MD, FAAAAI
1994 - Sheldon C. Siegel, MD, FAAAAI


Assembly Nominated Awards

Allied Health Professionals Recognition Award

The award candidate is nominated by the Allied Health Professionals Assembly Executive Committee.
The recipient must be an AAAAI Allied Health member or an AAAAI Member or Fellow who is a non-physician (MD, DO), and who has made a substantial contribution in service or substance to allied health education, research, or to the practice of allergy / immunology. This contribution to allergy / immunology need not be directly related to programs sponsored by the AAAAI, but is preferred. Current Allied Health Professional Assembly Co-chairs Vice Co-chairs, and Co-Immediate Past Chairs are not eligible for the award.
Nomination materials should include a CV, a nomination letter, and two letters of reference from an AAAAI physician or non-physician members. Nominations will be presented to the Allied Health Professionals Assembly Co-chairs Vice Co-chairs and Co-Immediate Past Chairs, who will select the award recipient. This selection must also be approved by the AAAAI Annual Meeting Awards Committee and the AAAAI Board of Directors.

Past Awardees
2023 - Dee Mallam, RN, AE-C
2022 - Isabel J. Skypala, PhD, RD
2020 - Debra A. Sedlak, MSN, CPNP
2019 - Anne E. Borgemeyer DNP, RN, CPNP, AE-C
2018 - Pamela H. Steele, MSN, CPNP, AE-C
2017 - Berber Vlieg-Boerstra, PhD, RD
2016 - Maureen George, PhD, RN, AE-C
2015 - Marion E. Groetch, MS, RD
2014 - Jeanette L. Arnold, MSN, RN, C-FNP
2013 - Cheryl K. Bernstein, RN, BSN, CCRC
2012 - Mary Kay Bossard, BS, RRT, AE-C
2011 - Christine W. Wagner, CPNP, CFNP, AE-C
2010 - Jan L. Tippett, RN, AE-C
2009 - Kathleen A. Conboy-Ellis, NP, PhD, AE-C, FAAAAI
2008 - Sally A. Noone, RN, MSN, CCRC
2007 - Melissa T. Korenblat-Hanin, ACSW, LCSW
2006 - B. Gwen Carlton, RN, MSN, NP
2005 - Renee Theodorakis, MS
2004 - Mary Lou Hayden, RN, MS, FNP, AE-C
2003 - Carol A. Jones, RN
2002 - M. Colleen Lum Lung, RN, MSN, CPNP
2001 - Berri Mitchell, RN, MSN (posthumous)

Mentorship Award


The AAAAI Mentorship Award recognizes individuals who, by serving as mentors, make a difference in the careers of trainees and colleagues, and, by extension, enriched our specialty. 

Mentoring covers a wide spectrum of activities and is broadly defined. In general, a mentor is someone who made a difference in another person’s career by guidance, education, listening, being accessible, providing a safe haven, serving as an advocate, easing training, helping career development and serving as a role model.
The awardees are expected to have shown dedication to mentoring over a sustained period of time and to have impacted the careers of more than one mentee. Mentors from all areas of the A/I specialty are eligible including internists, pediatricians, allergists, immunologists, clinical immunologists, academic faculty, private practitioners, basic/clinical/ or translational researchers, as well as allergists / immunologists in government or industry worldwide.

Past Awardees
2023 - Stacie M. Jones, MD, FAAAAI
2023 - H. James Wedner, MD, FAAAAI
2022 - Andrea J. Apter, MD, MA, MSc, FAAAAI
2022 - Hugh A. Sampson, MD, FAAAAI
2020 - Joshua A. Boyce, MD, FAAAAI
2019 - Bruce S. Bochner, MD, FAAAAI
2018 - Phillip L. Lieberman, MD, FAAAAI
2017 - Dean D. Metcalfe, MD, FAAAAI
2016 - David H. Broide, MBChB, FAAAAI
2015 - E. Richard Stiehm, MD, FAAAAI
2014 - Thomas A.E. Platts-Mills, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, FRS
2013 - K. Frank Austen, MD, FAAAAI
2013 - Albert L. Sheffer, MD, FAAAAI

Lifetime Contribution to the AAAAI and A/I Specialty Award


Suggested criteria will include selected accomplishments and contributions such as:

  1. Provided service leadership positions of the AAAAI, such as on the Board of Directors, and Editor of an Academy Journal and/or recipient of major AAAAI award.

  2. Served in a leadership position of a specialty-related organization such as ABAI, ACAAI, EAACI, and WAO.

  3. Has made major and sustained contributions to the specialty through research, education, or healthcare leadership; along with publication of impactful clinical and/or basic research papers.

  4. Provided exemplary mentorship to post-doctoral trainees, and/or members of our specialty.

  5. Demonstrated and provided community service and leadership to improve the health and well-being of the population.

There will only be one or less awardees for the Lifetime Contribution to the AAAAI and A/I Specialty Award per year.