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The Fellow-in-Training (FIT)/Faculty Reviewer Program

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI), JACI: In Practice, and JACI: Global have partnered with the AAAAI Program Directors Assembly to co-sponsor the FIT/Faculty Reviewer Program. This program is intended to facilitate faculty mentorship to assist FITs in learning how to review for scientific journals.

1.    To provide specific training to FITs in reviewing manuscripts.
2.    To provide additional opportunities for mentoring interaction between FITs and faculty.
3.    To provide additional "scholarly activities" for faculty that fulfill medical school requirements.
4.    To increase the quantity and quality of the reviewer pool available to the AAAAI journals.

Functional Aspects
•    Eligible articles will be Original Articles, Brief Reports, and Clinical Communications. Review articles will not be included in the program at this time.
•    For each article sent to the faculty member, the faculty member determines if he or she wishes to work with a FIT on that review. If the faculty member does not wish to work with a FIT on the review of the current article, it is completed and submitted in the usual manner. If the faculty member wishes to work with a FIT on the review, the faculty member identifies a FIT to work with.
•    FITs will receive "How to Review" training materials prepared by the journals prior to submitting their first FIT/faculty review. Additionally, they can view this webinar that reviews useful strategies in reviewing an article.

If you are interested in participating:

FITs: Identify a faculty member at your institution who would be willing to mentor you and communicate with that person.

Faculty: Upon receipt of an invitation to review an article, decide whether you would like to include a FIT. If so, you would follow the below steps:
1.    Provide that FIT with our How to Review PowerPoint slides, which give guidelines for reviewing.
2.    Proceed to review the manuscript with the designated FIT.
3.    When you are ready to submit the review, log in as a reviewer to the appropriate journal’s editorial manager website under your own registration.
4.    Answer the question regarding whether the review was completed with a Fellow in the positive and provide the Fellow’s name.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the editorial office (;;