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Yale-New Haven Medical Center Program

Yale University School of Medicine
Section of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
333 Cedar Street, TAC 217
New Haven, CT 06520-8013
Phone: (203) 785-4143
Fax: (203) 785-3229

Program Director
Dr. Tao Zheng, MD

Christina C. Price, MD

Major Goals of Training Program
This is an established program that provides well-balanced training in adult and pediatric allergy and immunology at one unified site at a major university medical school and hospital. The program has a strong base of outpatient clinical allergy-immunology. An emphasis on breadth of training is evident in numerous opportunities to spend elective time or develop a combined program in closely aligned disciplines such as Rheumatology and Pediatric and Adult Pulmonology. A minimum of 24 months of protected research time can be spent with one of numerous mentors in basic science immunology, immunopathology, or with full-time program faculty. Successful initiation, completion, and presentation of a research project is expected of all trainees. Some of our graduates in recent years have elected to pursue clinical careers upon completion, but the opportunity and funding is available for extended research time for those interested in academic careers, and for entering a new modified Yale PhD program.

Trainees Accepted Each Year
1 (Medicine or Pediatric)

Duration of Fellowship
3 years minimum

Number of Graduates Last 5 Years and Subsequent Career Choice

Application Deadline
Please refer to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) website for fellowship match information in regards to the fellowship timeline, application deadlines and additional important dates.

Joint Residency (Fellowship) Availability
with Rheumatology and Pulmonary

Electives for Residents and Students

Special Requirements
ABP or ABIM eligibility

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