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University of Alabama Medical Center Program

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Children’s Hospital of Alabama
1600 7th Avenue South, CPP 220
Birmingham, AL 53233-1711
Phone: (205) 996-9191
Fax: (205) 975-7080

Program Director
Prescott Atkinson, MD, PhD
Phone: (205) 996-9121

Program Administrator
Scott DeFreese
Phone: (205) 934-1180

Major Goals of Training Program
This is a combined internal medicine and pediatric training program with individual entry tracks. The major goal of the program is to provide trainees with a broad experience in the evaluation and treatment of patients with allergic disease and other disorders of the immune system. There is a substantial cross-training between the pediatric and internal medicine tracks. Rotations are offered for ENT, clinical laboratory immunology, pulmonary medicine, and dermatology. Opportunities for research in both basic immunology and clinical medicine are available and trainees are expected to present the results of their research at national meetings and in peer reviewed journals. Didactic sessions will assure that trainees have a solid understanding of basic and clinical laboratory immunology. A research oriented third year of training is offered for individuals interested in pursuing academic careers. Positions are limited but additional funding is available through an NIH-funded training grant in Immunology which can be awarded on a competitive basis to select trainees with a research background.

Trainees Accepted Each Year
1 yearly

Duration of Fellowship
2-3 years

Number of Graduates Last 5 Years and Subsequent Career Choice
1 academics, 1 half private practice/half academics, 4 private practice

Application Deadline
Please refer to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) website for fellowship match information in regards to the fellowship timeline, application deadlines and additional important dates.

Joint Residency (Fellowship) Availability
not at this time

Electives for Residents and Students
Pulmonary function, ENT (Ped/IM), Derm (Ped/IM), other (negotiable – e.g. BMT, HLA lab)

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