Development and Review Process for New Statements

The AAAAI Practice, Diagnostics and Therapeutics (PDT) Committee oversees the statement review and development process. Committees or task forces interested in developing a position statement or work group report must complete an intent form. Completed intent forms are submitted to the PDT Committee. Approval must be granted before work can begin. As part of the review process, all potential authors must complete a disclosure form using the AAAAI online disclosure management system (ODMS).

Read the complete AAAAI statement review process.

If your process will begin with a membership survey, please submit a request to the AAAAI Needs Assessment Committee.

Membership Survey Request
All surveys to the entire or any portion of the AAAAI membership must be reviewed and approved by the AAAAI Needs Assessment Committee. This process will ensure that surveys are necessary and non-duplicative, thereby containing costs and preventing excessive surveying that can diminish return rate.

If you have any questions concerning AAAAI statements or the review process, please contact Sheila Heitzig at (414) 272-6071.

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