MIPS Group Reporting Option

MIPS defines a group practice as a single Tax Identification Number (TIN) with two or more individual clinicians (as identified by Individual National Provider Identifier [NPI]) that have reassigned their billing rights to the TIN.

For 2019, groups are able to choose from a list of available data submission mechanisms (some options vary based on performance category) including:
• CMS Web Interface (only available to groups with 25 or more eligible clinicians)
• Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)
• Qualified Registry
• Electronic Health Record (EHR)
• CAHPS for MIPS survey (only available to groups with 2 or more eligible clinicians)
• Attestation

Click here for more information regarding the CMS Web Interface.

NEW! VIA VIRTUAL GROUP - is a combination of two or more TINs. There must be at least 1 MIPS eligible clinician for the TIN to participate. TINs can be from any specialty as long as they agree to report together. There is a CMS election process to participate in a virtual group. Find full details on the Virtual Group Factsheet and Election Process.

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