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Venom Extract Update

The leadership of the AAAAI and ACAAI have continued to monitor the new circumstance with venom extract after ALK decided to discontinue offering venom extract in the U.S. Earlier this week we participated in a conference call with the leadership of HollisterStier and received a letter from Chris Preti, president of HollisterStier. The following information, from his letter, is important for all allergists who have patients on venom immunotherapy:

“We will continue to increase our production of venom extracts to minimize the chance of future shortages. We currently have sufficient supply, both on hand and in production, to meet the total U.S. demand. As a result, allergists should not hesitate to prescribe and maintain full dose venom immunotherapy at normal intervals, and resume treatment if treatment had been interrupted.”

Additional information that came up during this call includes the fact that a corporate decision was made to only ship five and 12-dose vials. There are no plans for single-dose vial production at this time.

We also raised the question regarding availability in Canada and were informed that the distributor that HollisterStier uses in Canada has received a shipment of venom extracts, and we also were given verbal assurance that the needs of Canadian patients will be met.

We will continue to monitor this situation and encourage specific concerns by our membership continue to be conveyed to both organizations.


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