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School-based Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Program – (SA3MPROTM)

A central resource [termed the School-based Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Program (SA3MPROTM)], is sponsored by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, and developed in collaboration with others. The School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act (H.R. 2468), has been introduced in the 116th Congress to further provide support for the implementation of SA3MPROTM.

See more about the history of H.R. 2885, similar legislation introduced last session.

Improving health and school-related outcomes for children with asthma requires the use of school-based partnerships that focus on integrated care coordination amongst families, clinicians and school nurses.

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For asthma care, the SA3MPROTM advocates four components to integrate schools, and specifically school nurses, within the asthma care team. These components are:

1. The creation of a Circle of Support amongst the families, clinicians and schools nurses centered around the child with asthma.

2. The creation and transmission of Asthma Management Plans to schools. This includes an Asthma Emergency Treatment Plan for emergency management of asthma symptoms and an individualized Asthma Action Plan for each child with asthma. A standardized Asthma Action Plan is available.

Asthma Action Plan
Asma - plan de acción
For a downloadable and fillable version please see School-based Asthma Management Program – (SA3MPROTM).

Asthma Action Plan - Fillable PDF AAAAI does not assume responsibility for how these documents are utilized. Consult with your practice’s IT resources for recommendations on document storage, transmission and HIPAA compliance.
Asma - Plan de Acción (Asthma Action Plan) - Formulario PDF Rellenable La AAAAI no asume ninguna responsabilidad sobre cómo se utilizarán estos documentos. Debe consultar los recursos apropiados de tecnología de la información sobre almacenamiento de documentos, transmisión electrónica y cumplimiento de HIPAA.

SA3MPROTM picture-based asthma action plan

School Supplementary Treatment Orders Form (To be Sent with the Asthma Action Plan)
Órdenes de Tratamiento Complementarias para la Escuela (Se enviarán con el plan de acción contra el asma)

3. A comprehensive Asthma Education Plan for school personnel.

4. A comprehensive Environmental Asthma Plan to assess and remediate asthma triggers at home and in school.

SA3MPROTM, developed by multiple stakeholders, standardizes recommendations for school based asthma, and provides websites and resources useful for the care of children with asthma in the school setting.
How to use this toolkit:
This toolkit will provide information for feasible implementation of SA3MPROTM into local communities. We encourage users to complete the free registration process to allow for full downloads of available material. Information requested from the user will be used to update users on toolkit updates and study usage patterns of the toolkits by school nurses and clinicians.

Toolkit Highlights:

  • Slidesets (Page 3)

  • Downloadable Asthma Action Plans in English and Spanish (Pages 6-9)

  • Checklists for Clinicians, Families and School Nurses (Pages 10, 14 and 15)

  • Online Asthma Education Videos, Education Links and Much More (Pages 22-26)

  • Links to Indoor Quality Management Tools and Education (pages 27-28)

Note: The page numbers correspond to the toolkit zip file.

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SAMPRO Toolkit

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