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Is there a non-irritating skin test concentration for ustekinumab?


Monoclonal antibodies, such as ustekinumab, resemble normal human immunoglobulin. Such molecules are not likely to be irritating to the skin other than due to high concentration causing an osmotic effect. I could not find any report of skin testing for specific-IgE in the literature. There are no preservatives in the product (1).

In summary, I am not aware of a non-irritating concentration of ustekinumab for skin testing. I would suggest using a 1:100 and 1:10 and full-strength concentration (90mg/ ml) for percutaneous and intradermal testing. If an apparent positive result occurs, I suggest testing ‘normal volunteers’, including yourself or other clinical staff. The positive or negative predictive value of such testing is not known.


I hope this information is of help to you and your practice.
All my best.
Dennis K. Ledford, FAAAAI

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