Is there any literature or relationship between SCIT immunotherapy & tinnitus both ears? A patient who has history of recurrent sinus infections is on IT for 6 months, has developed Tinnitis in both ears.


My PubMed search revealed one case report (written in German) from 1986. According to the abstract, which thankfully is written in English, the patient developed tinnitus 5 minutes after injection which resolved without intervention within 30 minutes. I also posed your question to a well-known expert on allergen immunotherapy, Dr Harold Nelson. He indicated that he has never heard of an association between SCIT and tinnitus.

Reference: Jablonski K and Tronnier H. Tinnitus as a side effect of hyposensitization treatment. Case report. Derm Beruf Umwelt. 1986 Mar-Apr;34(2):39-41.

Jacqueline A. Pongracic, MD, FAAAAI


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