Can you please send me link of the last discussion that was made in regards to the usage of safety needles for allergy medical offices.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, I do not know if I can be of help to you. We automatically delete questions older than three years from our website to prevent out of date information from being accessed. Unfortunately, my memory does not serve me well enough to recall any specific reference we had to safety needles dating back past that time. The only present inquiry that we have on record was posted on 11/6/2012, and is entitled “Safety device evaluation form for safety needles and syringes.”

You may pull up this inquiry by going to the Ask the Expert website and typing “safety needles” into the search box.

I hope this of help to you. If not, and you have a specific question that is not answered, I would be happy to try and help further if you wish to submit it.

Thank you again for your inquiry.

Phil Lieberman, M.D.

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