I recently saw that Sam’s Club Offers Free Allergy Health Screenings to include testing for aeroallergens and food allergies. Does the AAAAI have a position on the routine testing of patients outside of the healthcare arena? Given the frequency of false positives (especially to foods) one would think that this is a great concern given the limitations of these tests. Here is the article. Thanks.


Thank you for your inquiry.

The Academy does not have a statement specifically addressing the issue you bring up. The closest statement the Academy has in reference to this issue was published December 2006, and is entitled “Allergy Diagnosis in Clinical Practice.” You may access this by going to the Academy website and clicking on “Practice Resources,” then clicking on “Statements and Parameters,” and finally clicking on “Archived Statements.”

The issue you refer to is certainly germane and deserves attention. However, our website is not the proper venue for this. If you wish to call this matter to the attention of our Allergy organizations, I would suggest contacting the Joint Council who would then carry it to the leadership of the Academy and the College. For your convenience, the contact information for the Joint Council is noted below:

50 North Brockway
Palatine, Illinois 60067
Telephone: (847) 934-1918
E-mail: info@jcaai.org

Thank you again for your inquiry and we hope this response is helpful to you.

Phil Lieberman, M.D.

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