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I was trying to find the number of OFC performed in the USA as well as the risk of developing an anaphylactic reaction during an OFC. Greiwe et al. had a poster on the Trends in OFC recently at the AAAAI 2019. Akueteet al, reported a risk of anaphylaxis about 2% (lower that what was previously reported).

Do we have an estimate (or what would be the best way) on
- How many OFC are performed in the USA
- What is the current risk of anaphylaxis in patients undergoing OFC?


As you know, the risk of anaphylaxis with an OFC is highly dependent on the patient's history and allergy testing.

I asked Dr. David Fleischer to weigh in on your question. His response is as follows:

"I do not know of any national data – there are centers that have published cohorts of their challenges, but there is no national database."

Daniel J. Jackson, MD, FAAAAI


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