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We have a 14 year-old male patient with perennial rhinitis, asthma, petit mal seizures well controlled with topiramate (last EEG study was normal) and dysautonomia which is well controlled with Ivabradine. Over the past two years the patient has had worsening of his year round and seasonal allergy symptoms with intermittent exacerbation of his asthma. His mother and sister take immunotherapy and are doing very well. His mother is now reaching out to cardiology and neurology for clearance. Are there any contraindications for our patient to begin an immunotherapy program?


I reached out to Harold Nelson, MD, expert in IT, for his input. His response is as follows:
"Not unexpectedly, I have no experience with such a case. However, given the allergen-specific nature of allergy immunotherapy, I can think of no reason why the conditions in this boy should be affected adversely by AIT."

Hope this is helpful.

Daniel Jackson, MD, FAAAAI

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