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Allergy - Specific Information

Most of the EHR features that are essential or desirable to an allergy practice are similar to those of an EHR system for any ambulatory practice. However, no single EHR system is likely to include all of these features. You should first decide which features are most important to your practice, and list them in rank order.

Some features, such as growth charts, may not be important to all practitioners. Features unique to an allergy practice include allergy skin test documentation; incorporation of extract ordering and preparation; immunotherapy protocol management; immunotherapy dosage customization and immunotherapy administration, management and documentation. Other features that are specialty related, but not unique to the specialty of the allergist, include outcomes assessment with tools for quality-of-life assessment and interface with a pulmonary function testing system.

Only a few of the several hundred EHR systems currently available have any specific features for an allergy practice. One option is to purchase a stand-alone software module that addresses the unique needs of an allergy practice and purchase an interface with your EHR. The availability of these allergy modules, however, is even more limited and interfaces can be costly. The need to update the interface when either the EHR or the PM system is upgraded—even with routine updates—further increases the expenses. Deciding at the outset whether to limit your consideration of EHR systems to the few that include allergy-specific features is one way to streamline the EHR selection process, but may make it harder to meet meaningful use (MU) and interoperability requirements.

Included here are some EHR vendors with allergy specific features. This list is not inclusive and does not imply any endorsement from the AAAAI.
•    Rosch Visionary Systems – immunotherapy software
•    Meditab—purchase full EHR or specific modules or immunotherapy.
•    ModuleMD—All-in-one fully certified EHR, RCM, Skin Testing, Immunotherapy, Vial Management, Spirometry, AAAAI QCDR reporting, Telemedicine & FHIR® Interoperability.
•    Mountainside Software—offers a full EHR and Allergy Lab.
•    Software Advice—list of EHR vendors with allergy specific features.   
•    Xtract Solutions—immunotherapy software
•    CureMD—a complete Allergy & Immunology Specialty Specific EHR and other specialties
•    WRSHealth—a complete Allergy & Immunology Specialty Specific EHR and other specialties

These links are for research only. They are not endorsed by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI).