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Lupin and peanut cross reactivity


We are starting to field more questions from peanut-allergic patients regarding possible cross-reactivity with lupin. None of these patients have had a reaction to lupin, however are wondering if they should avoid it based on known peanut allergy. We do not generally tell all peanut allergic to avoid all legumes as tolerance is generally high for most patients. What is the best advice for these patients?


We spoke to Dr. Sicherer on the topic and he had the below thoughts:

Allergy to lupin (lupine) might occur from primary allergy to this bean (which is often used as a flour) or because of cross-reactivity to legumes.  There are no large comprehensive studies to ascertain the rate of lupin allergy among those with peanut allergy.  Based on various small studies in adults and children, which may have various biases in patient selection for testing and oral challenge, and were not performed in the US (where lupin products are not so common), results suggest that sensitization rates are in the 15-35% range (highest reporting 82%) and reaction rates are probably a minimum of 4% (a pediatric study) and may be upwards of 20% (highest reporting 35%).1-6

It seems warranted to caution peanut –allergic patients about lupin, but I am especially concerned if the peanut allergy is severe/low threshold or if there is already a history of multiple legume allergy.   
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Scott H. Sicherer, MD

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Patricia McNally, MD, FAAAAI