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Chrysalis Project

AAAAI Chrysalis Project
If you are a medical student or internal medicine and/or pediatric resident in the United States or Canada, your future includes a big decision about the path you choose.

The Chrysalis Project presents a great opportunity to explore a career in allergy / immunology (A/I). The core of the project is a program that takes place during the AAAAI Annual Meeting, the premier A/I event of the year. And, the best news is that accepted applicants attend this program and the Annual Meeting free of charge.

The Program
A/I represents a vibrant, challenging career path for physicians interested in working with patients of all ages with a wide range of allergic and immunologic diseases. The didactic content includes both pathogenesis and treatment of allergic and immunologic disorders and cutting-edge research. Additionally, the program offers a Career Paths in A/I session, which explores career options in academia, government, private practice and industry. The program also hosts a small group hot topic case discussion session reviewing three different cases. The environment is interactive and informal allowing participants to ask questions. Selected participants are paired with both an A/I faculty member and fellow-in-training (FIT) mentor who can answer questions about the specialty and guide them through the Annual Meeting educational sessions and events. There are additional opportunities to meet with AAAAI Board Members and A/I training program directors and A/I faculty during the Chrysalis Project Program reception.

2025 Chrysalis Project Program Application
The purpose of the Chrysalis Project is to provide U.S. and Canadian medical students and internal medicine and/or pediatric residents with the opportunity to explore A/I and increase interest in the subspecialty. The application is available on Tuesday, August 1 with a closing deadline of Thursday, October 25 at 11:59 am CT.

To qualify for the Chrysalis Project, applicants must be an AAAAI member or have applied for membership before applying for the award. The links to the membership applications are below:
•         Medical Student Member
•         Resident Member

Applicants must also fall into one of the following categories to be considered for the program:
•    MD PhD students during research training years
•    3rd and 4th year Medical students
•    1st year residents in IM, Peds or MedPeds
•    2nd year residents in IM, Peds or MedPeds, particularly those without an A/I training program at their institution
•    3rd year MedPeds resident or 3rd year IM or Peds resident who is participating in a Chief year at their institution

Selected participants receive the following benefits:
•    A fellow-in-training (FIT) mentor
•    An A/I faculty mentor
•    Up to four nights lodging at the Chrysalis Project assigned hotel
•    Roundtrip coach airfare up to $600.00
•    A $300.00 stipend to cover meals and ground transportation expenses

Please note the Chrysalis Project is a recruitment program with priority given to medical students and junior residents who are unsure of their career path rather than senior residents who are already committed to applying for A/I fellowship. These resident applications will still be reviewed and considered for any open slots. Individuals previously selected for the Chrysalis Project are not eligible to participate in the program a second time.

Participant selection into the program is based on various factors, including the number of applications received, the number of applications from the same institution and if there is an A/I training program at the applicant's institution. The strength of the letter of recommendation from a faculty member ( A/I or non- A/I) also carries weight during the review process. Applicant's personal statement should include any research experience, publications, presentations, career goals and their interest in the field. Eligible applicants who are the first author on an accepted abstract/case report for oral presentation are automatically awarded a program slot. Accepted abstracts and case reports will not guarantee acceptance into the program, although submissions and scores will be taken into consideration.

A/I represents a vibrant, challenging career path for physicians and allied health professionals interested in working with patients of all ages with a wide range of allergic and immunologic diseases. The AAAAI can guide you down your career path.

Find out why these AAAAI members selected a career in A/I.

For more information on the Chrysalis Project, contact Mari DurĂ¡n or (414) 272-6071.

2025 Chrysalis Project Program Schedule (time details coming soon)
San Diego, CA

Thursday, February 27, 2025
Chrysalis Project Program Participant Welcome and Registration
(Selected participants only)

Friday, February 28, 2025
Chrysalis Project Program Didactic Session
(Open to other medical student and resident meeting attendees)

Chrysalis Project Program Class Photo and Luncheon with FIT Mentors
(Selected participants only)

President/President-Elect Reception
(Selected participants only)

Saturday, March 1, 2025
Chrysalis Project Program Career Paths in Allergy and Immunology Session
(Open to other medical student, resident and FIT meeting attendees)

Chrysalis Project Program Hot Topic Discussion Luncheon Session
(Selected participants only)

Chrysalis Project Program Reception
(Selected participants only)





AAAAI Reception

AAAAI Reception

AAAAI Reception