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Information for Community Clinics

The Academy CAN! Partner Community Clinic Profile

The ideal Academy CAN! partner community clinic is a well run medical facility that creates the environment for a successful allergy clinic at least one half day per month. Our clinics are run by administrators with the insight to appreciate the value that allergy specialists can bring to their patients and staff by the unique educational program that is Academy CAN! These administrators provide the staff, space, time, contact people and patients that allow for effective teaching and high level allergy and asthma care to be achieved. We look for clinics with high standards and aspirations to use innovative specialist programs like CAN! to set themselves apart in the field of community healthcare.

Benefits to Participating Clinics

  • Subspecialty expertise
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Allowance for special clinic scheduling
  • Options in utilizing the allergist's expertise and availability, and the targeting of conditions demanding regular assessments
  • Medication fine-tuning or specific diagnostic and testing procedures and/or equipment

Resources for Academy CAN! Clinics

  • Participating clinics receive support materials from the AAAAI, including a series of low-literacy English and Spanish patient education materials.
  • Participating primary care professionals receive a range of allergic disease resources created by the AAAAI.
  • Academy CAN! allergists and representatives from the participating community health centers will meet at the AAAAI's Annual Meeting to discuss issues of mutual concern.

The Academy CAN! Program is currently recruiting community healthcare centers.

The Academy CAN! Program Application

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