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The Academy CAN! Program


The Academy CAN! Program was established by the AAAAI to advance allergy and asthma care for underserved populations by placing participating volunteer allergist / immunologists at community clinics in underserved areas. These allergist / immunologists work with healthcare professionals to consult on cases and to educate them on the issues of best practice to improve the care to underserved populations. In order to assure that the Academy CAN! Program effectively meets health center needs, the application process incorporates indicators of center needs in the area of allergy and asthma care.

Key Objectives

  • To teach and train primary care professionals serving the underserved. Give them the latest therapeutic advances of care.
  • To link volunteer allergists with community health centers, to consult with primary care professionals treating the underserved and to thereby improve access to subspecialty allergy and asthma care.

Current Academy CAN! Program Sites

Judeo-Christian Clinic
Tampa, FL
AAAAI Volunteer: Dennis K. Ledford, MD, FAAAAI

La Maestra Clinic
San Diego, CA
AAAAI Volunteer: Sandra C. Christiansen, MD, FAAAAI

Sixteenth St. Community Health Center
Milwaukee, WI
AAAAI Volunteer: Asriani M. Chiu, MD, FAAAAI

The Academy CAN! Program is currently recruiting community healthcare centers.

For more information on The Academy CAN! Program, contact Megan Brown at the AAAAI executive office at (414) 272-6071 or e-mail

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