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Landmark Reading List

These “landmark” articles, documents, investigations, papers and publications provide a framework for training programs to design an individualized course of study that supplements the diverse strengths and weaknesses of each fellowship training program and faculty.

Table of Contents

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I.    Basic Immunology

A.    Immune Mechanisms
B.    Immunoregulatory Mechanisms
C.    Laboratory Measurements

II.    Anatomy and Physiology

A.    Normal Anatomy and Physiology
B.    Pathology of Primary Atopic Disorders

III.    Pharmacology

A.    Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics of Drugs Used in Allergy/Immunology

IV.    Research Principles

A.    Research Ethics

V.    Clinical Sciences

A.    Allergic Diseases and Related Disorders
B.    Transplantation Medicine
C.    Immune System Related Malignancies and Cellular Disorders
D.    Established and Evolving Immune-based Treatment Modalities