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Scientific Director of the National Allergy Bureau (NAB)

The AAAAI is currently accepting applications for the position of Scientific Director of the National Allergy Bureau (NAB). This newly established role requires a three-year term commitment, renewable once. Compensation is provided for this role. Interested applicants must review the position description and qualifications and provide the requested materials via email no later than August 28, 2020.

Requested Materials:
•    Responses to Questions for Candidates
•    Cover Letter
•    Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Send completed documents via email to the National Allergy Bureau ( The applicant name, mailing address, phone number, and email address must be included in the body text of the email. All materials must be received by August 28, 2020.

For more information, please contact the NAB ( or Deborah Levinson ( or call (414) 272-6071.

The application process will be completely confidential. Non-member applicants may apply; AAAAI membership will be required at the time of appointment.

JOB TITLE: Scientific Director of the National Allergy Bureau



GENERAL SUMMARY: The Scientific Director of the National Allergy Bureau will provide scientific and strategic leadership to the National Allergy Bureau (NAB). This position is responsible for the professionalism, quality, functionality and timeliness of the NAB’s Aeroallergen Network, database, certification process, and public impression, and the management of these components in accordance with the AAAAI’s core values, mission and strategic plan.  

The Scientific Director of the NAB shall be responsible for:
•    Support of the NAB Aeroallergen Network including:
        o    Facilitating the onboarding of new NAB stations
        o    Communicating with and supporting volunteer member stations of the NAB
        o    Updating and reinforcing policies developed for member stations
                      •    Including SOP for counter practices, equipment, and certifications
        o    Ensuring consistent operation of NAB data management system
•    Management of NAB resources including:
        o    annual and project-specific budgets
        o    physical assets including samplers and related supplies
•    Addressing general public and media inquiries regarding the NAB and its operations
•    Assessing existing and emerging air sampling technologies
•    Facilitation of collaboration with national and international air monitoring networks
•    Correspondence regarding data ownership or use of NAB data
•    Reporting to and advising the AAAAI Board of Directors and Staff regarding the NAB, including:
        o    Reporting summary statistics and relevant updates
        o    Reviewing data requests and recommending responses to requests
        o    Managing the NAB’s intellectual property and its protection
        o    Proposing innovative ideas and opportunities to keep the NAB competitive
        o    Involvement in scientific research initiatives related to allergy/immunology
        o    Developing and disseminating marketing and communications materials
•    Collaborating with the Aerobiology Committee as needed:
        o    Review and update NAB station, sampler, and volunteer policies
        o    Assess and update certification processes and procedures
        o    Oversee pollen and spore certification processes
                    •    Initial Certification
                    •    Annual Renewal (e.g. online)
        o    Develop a visual database for pollen and mold identification
        o    Promote the NAB in aerobiological education and training initiatives
        o    Present disputed decisions regarding the NAB examinations
•    Demonstrated expertise in pollen and/or fungal spore sampling and identification
•    Skill in workgroup leadership, project development, collaboration and consensus building
•    General understanding of intellectual property practices in the United States
•    A schedule that permits timely (often daily) interactions with related staff, as well as interactions with other members of the Aerobiology Committee
•    AAAAI Membership at the time of appointment

FTE STATUS: Estimated at 0.2 FTE.

TERM: Three-year term renewable one time

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