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AAAAI Open Access Journal

JACI: Gold: Aims and Scope

JACI: Gold (working title) is a new peer-reviewed, open access, online publication of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). It joins the other members of the AAAAI family of journals – The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI), ranked #1 in the field of allergy and #10 in the field of immunology, and The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, ranked #3 in allergy (2019 Journal Citation Reports, published by Clarivate Analytics).

As the Open Access companion journal to AAAAI’s two leading hybrid subscription journals, JACI: Gold will publish reports describing original research—basic, translational and clinical—related to all aspects of allergy, immunology, and related fields. Its very broad scope will mirror the scope of its two companion journals, but in particular, it will emphasize providing a high-quality outlet for authors whose funders require them to publish in a Gold Open Access journal. Hence one of the new journal’s hallmarks will be geographic diversity with an emphasis on global and regional research and practice. This will make the journal particularly appealing to authors working in Research4Life countries, with waivers or deep discounts of accepted Article Processing Charges (APCs) automatically provided by publisher Elsevier. It will also provide an important service to the growing number of funders who have joined Plan S (the European cOAlition S initiative that requires full Open Access of research funded by its 25 members, starting in 2021), including the Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, UK Research and Innovation, and the World Health Organization. See

Content will flow to JACI: Gold from three primary sources:
1.    The Editors-in-Chief of JACI and JACI: In Practice may recommend that authors whose papers do not meet the very high bar for acceptance in the two established journals consider submitting to the new journal. This provides a valued service to authors who can very quickly get an assessment from the third AAAAI journal.
2.    Authors may submit directly to JACI: Gold, a path that will grow in appeal as the journal establishes its audience and reputation.
3.    The Editors of JACI: Gold may invite submissions of articles, a strategy that is typically used with new journals during the first few years.

In order to facilitate the transfer of rejected papers (but of sound science) from the two established journals, JACI: Gold will use the same article types. The first Editor may propose additional article types, particularly those that employ innovative digital features.

The overall mission of JACI: Gold is to provide authors who are mandated to publish in a fully Open Access journal or whose work is not suitable for the other AAAAI journals, to publish in a journal that will reach not only the AAAAI community, but the global community, with no barrier to access for anyone with an internet connection.

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