The AAAAI Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Quality Clinical Data Registry

The AAAAI Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Quality Clinical Data Registry
The AAAAI Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Quality Clinical Data Registry (AAAAI QCDR) in Collaboration with CECity, a subsidiary of Premier Inc., is a CMS approved registry for the new 2017 Merit Based Incentive Payment Schedule (MIPS) reporting program under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). The AAAAI QCDR is the only MIPS reporting option with allergen immunotherapy measures available for reporting and is designed as a practice improvement tool.

With the registry, you can fulfill
MIPS reporting - all three categories that require reporting can be satisfied via the AAAAI QCDR: Quality, Improved Activities, and Advance Care Information. See the MIPS reporting criteria section below.
Report on Specialty Measures – the registry offers both, general care measures and specialty-specific measures intended to assist allergy/immunology physicians (groups and individuals).
MOC Credits for CME Activities – the AAAAI QCDR can be used to satisfy MOC Part IV requirements of the ABAI.  You can utilize the AAAAI QCDR performance report as the basis of a personalized improvement plan within the Practice Improvement Module we built explicitly for AAAAI QCDR users.  
Learn more about the AAAAI QCDR MOC requirements.   
ABAI Patient Survey Module – no charge
ABAI Peer Survey Module – no charge
* Additional costs may be associated with PIM registration through ABIM

1.    Quality (formerly PQRS program) – report up to 6 quality measures, include at least one outcome measures, for a minimum of 90 days. See the 2017 AAAAI QCDR Measures List and registration steps below.
2.    Advancing Care Information (ACI) (formerly Meaningful Use program) – meet the five required measures for a minimum of 90 days. See the CMS ACI Measures List.
3.    Clinical practice improvement activities – (new performance category) – fulfill two improvement activities (for solo or groups less than 15 providers); or four improvement activities (for groups with 15 or more providers) for a minimum of 90 days. See the CMS Improvement Activities List.
4.    Resource use (formerly Value Modifier program) – No data submission required. Calculated from adjudicated claims.

For 2017 reporting year, there are 27 quality measures total (17 MIPS measures + 10 AAAAI homegrown* measures) available in the AAAAI QCDR. See full measures specifications
*These homegrown measures the AAAAI developed are more relevant to the allergy/immunology specialty care and therefore, eligible clinicians achieve a better performance rate.

1. Go to the AAAAI QCDR MedConcert page and click on “REGISTER” (if you are a new user) and create a free MedConcert account; or click on “LOG IN” (if you have previously used the MedConcert platform).
2. Once logged-in, under the APPS tab, search for and download the AAAAI Clinical Data Registry App or AAAAI QCDR app (choose between the individual reporting app or the group reporting app).
3. For individual reporting, you will be asked to enter your individual NPI, or TIN for group reporting.  
Please know, that in order to report as a group via QCDR, you MUST register you TIN in the CMS Enterprise Portal between April 1 and June 30, 2017 to notify CMS that you have chosen to report via QCDR. Otherwise, your TIN won’t be recognized in the AAAAI QCDR app.

The annual QCDR registration is $500 for AAAAI members ($650 for non-members). This fee includes annual use of the data for quality improvement purposes and MIPS quality reporting to CMS.  

Additional OPTIONAL Reporting Services:
Clinicians who have registered and paid the annual QCDR reporting year, may purchase both the 2017 Improvement Activities and Advancing Care Information performance attestations for an additional $99.

Currently, the following EHR vendors have specific instructions to do electronic transfer of data to the AAAAI QCDR.   
• Allscripts
• Aprima®
• ModuleMD
• NextGen®
• Quest Diagnostics / Care360®

If your EHR system is listed above, please reach out to your EHR vendor representative and let them know you are interested in participating in the AAAAI QCDR. They may provide you additional instructions. Ultimately, you will need to register for the AAAAI QCDR using the steps listed above.

If your EHR is not listed, and you still would like to participate in the AAAAI QCDR and submit data electronically, please contact your EHR vendor representative and express your interest in using the AAAAI QCDR. They would need to contact our registry vendor, CECity/Premier Inc. at to provide a quote for the integration (this is a one-time fee). When inquiring, providers need to provide the number of physicians in the practice and the current version of their EHR system.

General inquiries, please mail for more information.

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