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Newly Created Office of Practice Management Tackles Member Issues

The AAAAI is pleased to announce the creation of a comprehensive, multi-faceted set of activities designed to empower and support allergist/immunologists in practice—with the AAAAI’s Office of Practice Management acting as the main engine for these activities.

What is the Office of Practice Management?

The Office of Practice Management is a group within the AAAAI that has a specific function: to serve as a dedicated resource for the AAAAI membership on practice management issues. Given the rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is imperative to have a centralized unit that in various ways supports A/I physicians in clinical practice.

Among those involved in the Office of Practice Management are the two leaders of the AAAAI’s Regional, State and Local Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Societies (RSLAAIS) Assembly, our constituency for the practicing allergist.

Here are a few of the exciting member benefits the Office of Practice Management offers:

  •     Coding information and resources
  •     Healthcare organization relations
  •     Legislative and regulatory advocacy
  •     Practice Management Workshop
  •     AAAAI Quality Clinical Data Registry
  •     Practice Matters!

Read more about the Office of Practice Management in the December President's Message.

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