Usefulness of allergy check-up to select a safe contrast medium for patients with delayed allergy to iodixanol

Published Online: July 25, 2011

More than 70 million iodinated contrast media (ICM) injections are performed worldwide each year. These contrast media are commonly used for radiological examinations. It is estimated that one to three percent of the patients receiving ICM experience delayed allergy to these products. In an upcoming issue of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI), Hasdenteufel et al. from the research group on allergy diseases of the University of Nancy (France) have investigated delayed allergy to one of them, iodixanol.

Twenty-two patients (seven women and 15 men) underwent an allergy assessment comprising skin tests with a panel of different ICM. For each patient, the authors performed a structure – activity relationship study in an attempt to relate the chemical structure of ICM to their allergenic potential. An alternative ICM with a different chemical structure compared to iodixanol and negative skin tests was recommended to radiologists if additional radiological examination was required. All patients successfully tolerated the injection of the suggested ICM.

These findings underline the usefulness of an appropriate allergy check-up for patients with delayed allergy to iodixanol. Furthermore, some of these patients might tolerate another ICM, which can be crucial for the assessment of their disease.


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