Nasal challenge with multiple aeroallergens improve the diagnosis in local allergic rhinitis

Published Online: July 25, 2011

Local allergic rhinitis (LAR), a new form of nasal localized allergic response in the absence of systemic atopy (negative skin test and serum specific IgE antibodies), is a common disease affecting more than 45% of subjects previously diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis (NAR). Nasal allergen provocation test with a single aeroallergen per session (NAPT-S), is essential for the diagnosis, but is a very-time consuming technique and this limits their use in clinical practice.

In the present study, published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI), Rondón et al. evaluate the usefulness of a new protocol of NAPT with multiple aeroallergens per session (NAPT-M) for the detection of polysensitization in LAR. NAPT-M with two different panels of aeroallergens for perennial and seasonal rhinitis was performed in 25 LAR and 25 NAR patients. NAPT-M showed a total concordance with the “gold standard” (NAPT-S) without false positive or negative responses, and with a significant reduction in the total number of visits required for the final diagnosis (75% reduction in NAR and 55% in LAR).

These results demonstrate that NAPT-M is a very useful, specific, sensitive, reproducible, and less time-consuming in vivo diagnostic test for the screening and for the detection of polysensitization in LAR.


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