Donald Leung and JACI Editors Allergy/Immunology Research Fund

Background: Dr. Donald Leung, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) and has served for the past 15 years. Under his leadership, the impact factor of our journal has risen from 3.7 to 12.047, reflecting a marked improvement in publications of research dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic and immunologic diseases. JACI is the most highly cited Journal in the field of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology and is the most visible official publication of The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI). With the recent decline in NIH funding and restrictions from other funding sources, it is critical to establish new sources of research funding to maintain outstanding research in the field of allergy and clinical immunology. Without outstanding research, there is a threat to the advancement of new treatments in diseases seen by experts in the Allergy-Immunology specialty. The quality of research in Allergy-Clinical Immunology could drop due to an erosion of talented researchers and clinicians in the allergy, asthma and immunology field.  

As one of his initiatives to support and enhance research in allergy and immunology and maintain JACI’s high impact factor, he and the ARTrust are initiating a new $4,000,000 research fund. The “Donald Y. M. Leung, MD, PhD-JACI ARTrust Partnership Lecture” commemorates the launch of this effort and the opportunity to advance the knowledge and treatment of allergy, asthma and immunologic diseases by providing a perpetual source of funding for research. The vision is to support quality, cutting edge translational and basic research suitable for publication in JACI and further advance patient care and the credibility of allergy / immunology. We encourage all individuals interested in securing the future of scientifically based patient care to consider donating to this exciting new funding opportunity. The faster we grow the fund, the quicker awards can be provided. Our vision is to have the first awards at the time Dr. Donald Leung’s term as Editor ends. The ARTrust has committed $500,000 of dollar for dollar matching funds from within the existing corpus. Combined with over $500,000 already committed from generous individuals, the fund has topped $1,000,000 in commitments. Please join these individuals to make this vision a reality. We encourage you to celebrate the contributions of Dr. Donald Leung, the other JACI Editors and editorial staff and the success of JACI with a generous donation to the Donald Leung and JACI Editors Allergy/Immunology Research Fund through the ARTrust website. Together we can do more. A contribution to ARTrust is “Investing Together in our Future.”

If you are interested in contributing to the Donald Leung and JACI Editors Allergy/Immunology Research Fund online click here or if you prefer to send a check or to create a pledge click here. For more information call the ARTrust office and ask for ARTrust development staff at 414-272-6071.

Donor Name

$50K and UP Donors:
Donald Y. M. Leung, MD PhD FAAAAI and Susan B. Leung
Steve & Nancy Carell
Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

$20K up to $49,999 Donors:
Harold S. Nelson, MD FAAAAI
William T. Shearer, MD PhD FAAAAI & Lynn Des Prez
Dennis K. Ledford, MD FAAAAI
National Jewish Health

$10K up to $19,999 Donors:
Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI & Mr. Paul Jackson
Northwestern University Division of Allergy - Immunology
Michael Schatz, MD MS FAAAAI
Lynda C. Schneider, MD FAAAAI
Andrea J. Apter, MD MA MSc FAAAAI
Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI
Joshua A. Boyce, MD FAAAAI
Talal A. Chatila, MD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Division of Allergy/Immunology
Peter Creticos, MD FAAAAI
Raif S. Geha, MD FAAAAI
Luigi D. Notarangelo, MD
Hans C. Oettgen, MD PhD FAAAAI
Hugh A. Sampson, MD FAAAAI
Scott H. Sicherer, MD FAAAAI
Dale Umetsu, MD FAAAAI & Rosemarie DeKryuff, PhD
Richard W. Weber, MD FAAAAI

$5K up to $9,999 Donors:
Rebecca S. Gruchalla, MD PhD FAAAAI
Robert K. Bush, MD FAAAAI
Combined Gift: Curtis T. Moody, MD FAAAAI & Frank J. Twarog, MD PhD FAAAAI
Kevin J. Kelly, MD FAAAAI
Group Leaders of the Swiss Inst of A&A Res (SIAF): On behalf of Dr. C. Akdis, Dr. Crameri, Dr. M. Akdis, Dr. O'Mahony, Dr. Rhyner
David B. Peden, MD MS FAAAAI
Hirohisa Saito, MD PhD FAAAAI
Kevin J. Kelly, MD FAAAAI
Jonathan M. Spergel, MD PhD FAAAAI
Stanley J. Szefler, MD FAAAAI
Robert S. Zeiger, MD PhD FAAAAI
Sally E. Wenzel, MD FAAAAI

$2,500 up to $4,999 Donors:
Mitchell R. Lester, MD FAAAAI
Pedro C. Avila, MD FAAAAI
Allen P. Kaplan, MD FAAAAI
Emma Guttman, MD PhD & James G. Krueger, MD PhD
Bruce S. Bochner, MD FAAAAI
Francisco Bonilla, MD
William Busse, MD FAAAAI
Xui-min Li, MD
Hae-Sim Park, MD FAAAAI
Marc E. Rothenberg, MD PhD FAAAAI
Fred D. Finkelman, MD
Dr. Lisa A. Beck & Dr. Steve N. Georas
Mark Boguniewicz, MD FAAAAI
Martin Broff, MD
David H. Broide, MB ChB FAAAAI
A. Wesley Burks, MD FAAAAI
Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI
Center for Allergy, Asthma & Immunology on behalf of  Dr. Randolph & Dr. Dreyfus
Linda Cox, MD FAAAAI
Executive Director, Inc.
Emma Guttman, MD PhD & James G. Krueger, MD PhD
Qutayba Hamid, MD PhD FAAAAI
John M. James, MD FAAAAI
John M. Kelso, MD FAAAAI
Monica Kraft, MD
Stanley H. and Henny J. Krantz
James T. Li, MD PhD FAAAAI
Phillip L. Lieberman, MD FAAAAI
Richard F. Lockey, MD FAAAAI
Andrew MacGinnitie, MD PhD
Phillip S. Norman, MD
Professor Ruby Pawankar, MD PhD FAAAAI
Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD FAAAAI
Johannes Ring, MD FAAAAI
Howard Silk, MD FAAAAI
Ronald A. Simon, MD FAAAAI
F. Estelle Simons, MD FAAAAI & Keith Simons, PhD
E. Rand Sutherland, MD MPH
Michael C. Young, MD

$1,000 to $2,499 Donors:
Gerald J. Gleich, MD FAAAAI & Kristin M. Leiferman, MD FAAAAI
Harald E. Renz, MD
Margitta Worm, MD
Allergy & Immunology Associates Of Ann Arbor, P.C.
Mark Ballow, MD FAAAAI
Mariana Castells, MD PhD FAAAAI

Theodore Jenwen Chu, MD FAAAAI
Vernon Chinchilli, PhD
Theodore J. Chu, MD FAAAAI
Thomas J. Fischer, MD FAAAAI
Robert Fuhlbrigge, MD
Ramsay Fuleihan, MD
Paul A. Greenberger, MD FAAAAI
Andrew Hawryluk, PhD
Richard J. Hawryluk, PhD
David R. Katzen, MD
Ichiro Nomura, MD
Peck Y. Ong, MD FAAAAI
David S. Pearlman, MD FAAAAI
Chaim Roifman, MD
John Saryan, MD FAAAAI
Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co. Foundation

$500 up to $999 Donors:
Daniel L. Hamilos, MD
Jon M. Hanifin, MD FAAAAI
Seema S. Aceves, MD PhD FAAAAI
Philip W. Askenase, MD FAAAAI
Amal H. Assa'ad, MD FAAAAI
Timothy J. Craig, DO FAAAAI
Erwin Gelfand, MD FAAAAI
Deborah A. Gentile, MD
James E. Gern, MD FAAAAI
Robert G. Hamilton, PhD DABMLI FAAAAI
James J. Herman, MD FAAAAI
Dr. Richard B. Johnston, Jr.
Sai R. Nimmagadda, MD FAAAAI
Alan Shafner 

Up to $499 Donors:
Gideon Lack, MD
Anthony Horner, MD
Charles and Allison McAlpin
Bo Ryu
Colorado State Bank & Trust
Alan B. Goldsobel, MD FAAAAI
Richard Gallo, MD PhD
Bruce Mazer, MD FAAAAI
Michiko Oyoshi, PhD
Mark Slifka, PhD
Lianghua Bin, MD PhD
Caroline Bronchick
Byung Eui Kim, MD PhD
Cheryl S. Hankin, PhD
Tyler Hassen
K. Frank Austen, MD FAAAAI
Ivan D. Cardona, MD
Fineman Family Philanthropic Fund
Glenn Furuta, MD
Anne Carney
Angela Leaney
Patricia Merkel
Courtney Nelson and Associates, Inc.
Jordan Orange, MD PhD FAAAAI
Rosanne Prasuhn
Jane Unzeitig, MD FAAAAI
Jolan Walter, MD MPH
Denielle Webb
Manish Butte, MD PhD
Mitchells H. Grayson, MD FAAAAI
Rachel L. Miller, MD FAAAAI   
S. Allan Bock, MD FAAAAI

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