I am working with a hockey team and I have 2 players with nut allergies, but I would like to provide something right after the game to all players, in the past we have used peanut butter & whole wheat bread to give them a quick recovery snack, I would like to keep doing this but what would you recommend to use so all players can have the same thing without using peanut butter?


Thank you for your inquiry.

It is unclear from your inquiry whether you are speaking about nut allergy per se (tree nut) or only peanut allergy. They are of course separate problems, but nonetheless, a very significant percentage of patients allergic to tree nuts will also be allergic to peanuts, and vice versa. So, from a theoretical standpoint, I would suggest that you avoid both tree nuts and peanuts. By “tree nuts,” we would of course mean nuts such as pecan, almond, walnut, cashew, et cetera.

This still leaves multiple nutritious options. For example, you could serve cheese on the whole wheat, fresh fruit of any sort with yogurt, or any substitute you would like as long as it does not contain tree nuts or peanuts, and does not have on the label “may contain tree nuts or peanuts” or “manufactured in a facility which also uses tree nuts and/or peanuts.”

Thank you again for your inquiry and we hope this response is helpful to you.

Phil Lieberman, M.D.

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