In a patient who had anaphylaxis to celery, with a positive skin test, is there a cross reactivity with celery salt, celery root, celery seed, and with commercial products such as Old Bay seasoning which has these items in their ingredient list?


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Patients allergic to celery are clearly at risk of reacting to the salt, the tuber, and the seed. This reactivity would extend to any commercial product containing these ingredients (1-3).

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1) Muhlemann RJ, Wüthrich B. Food allergies 1983-1987. [German] Schweiz Med Wochenschr 1991;121(46):1696-700.

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3) Pauli G, Bessot JC, Braun PA, Dietemann-Molard A, Kopferschmitt-Kubler MC, Thierry R. Celery allergy: clinical and biological study of 20 cases. Ann Allergy 1988;60:243-6.

Phil Lieberman, M.D.

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