Sublingual Immunotherapy: A focused allergen immunotherapy practice parameter update

At the request of the Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters, you are invited to review the DRAFT Sublingual Immunotherapy: A focused allergen immunotherapy practice parameter update. This is the first parameter on this subject. The Joint Task Force will be taking comments until March 15, 2016. To provide your suggested revisions and/or comments, please list the page and line number before your revision/recommendation – do not comment directly on the PDF - and forward to Ms. Susan Grupe at  Please take advantage of this opportunity to assist your colleagues in shaping the specialty. Click here for DRAFT.
The workgroup developing this document includes Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MBA, MSc; Michael Nelson, MD; Linda Cox, MD; Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD; Anju Peters, MD; Sandra Lin, MD; Harold Nelson, MD; Richard Lockey, MD; Dr. Shekelle; Philip Lieberman, MD; David Bernstein, MD; Bryan Leatherman, MD; and James Li, MD.

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